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Sanistand Hand Wipe Dispenser

Here's the most convenient way yet to keep hands clean... even when water is not available! Great for petting zoos, food service, construction sites, schools, playgrounds, and festivals.

The new SaniStand™ Hand Wipe Dispenser provides 1,320 individual hand-cleaning wipes in a compact stand that can be placed anywhere that people gather.  

Whether you choose SaniStand with Antiseptic Foam or SaniStand Towelette dispenser, both products kill 99% of germs on hands, including E. coli and salmonella while protecting hands with moisturizing aloe vera. Sani-Hands® II wipes from the Rid It® product line are recommended because they are developed to meet the Food Code's Hand Sanitation Requirements, but any comparable hand wipe product will fit the SaniStand Dispenser.



  • Holds 6 Sani-Hands II wipes canisteres (1,320 single sheet uses)
  • Height 66", width 28", depth 28"
  • Wipes kill 99% of dangerous germs on contact
  • 27 pounds empty - over 200 pounds when base is filled with water or sand
  • Locking canopy protects hand wipe supply